Full of Beans Café is owned and operated by Rob and JoAnn Hausknecht. They share close to 60 combined years of restaurant and service-industry experience. Rob and JoAnn live in Milwaukee, and are both graduates from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Rob has a degree in Journalism and JoAnn has a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. Between the two of them there is a lot to talk about.

In addition to their love for conversation, board games, and a variety of hobbies, Rob and JoAnn love coffee! And pie!! Full of Beans Café has a variety of delicious food and drinks to choose from.

“Full of Beans” means something is fun, active and spunky. Full of Beans Café
has unique, creative atmosphere. Not only are there beverages and food, there are maker and craft nights, book clubs, and more.

At Full of Beans Café we value mutual respect and appreciation, dependability, quality and fun. We are more than great coffee and food; we are a place to connect with good people and great ideas.